Hitler Upset on Jaejoong's AnAn Photoshoot

LMAO ... This is hillariouuuuuuuussssss hahahahahahahahahahahaaa *coughcough* hahahahahahaahahahahahaahaaaaa YUNJAEEEE <3 *faints~*

Buttt ... OMG at 0:37 .. toooo sexxxyyyy it huuuurrrrrtsssss *dies~* .. this is betterr than having jaejae with no clothess .. >,<

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YunJae Shippers ...

To all you .. YunJae Shippers out there .. Yunjae still lives ..

They asked which he likes more, Jiji or Vik, and that's the time fans screamed Yunho's name, you can hear in Chinese "Jung Yunho" very clearly. And Jaejoong must heard it, because he was so shy and even covered his face..

yesh yesh yesh .. yunjae love is still blooming .. <3

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High Notes && Screamsss..

A compilation of TVXQ’s high notes and screams?? all I can say is…

CHANGMIN IS THE BEST!! YEAY!!! then Junsu… Jaejoong… Yoochun… and Yunho.... <33333

i wanna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .... i missshhhh em sooooo muuuuccchhhiiieeeee ... ain0903 

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OMG .. *dies~*

OMG ... *dies~*


OKAY??? U SERIOUS??? *jumps~*

*pinches cheeks* .. why so cuuute~

omo .. chunnie?!! praying for susu to come??~

wae??? is looking at susu that FUN??? XDDD~

bwahahahahahahahahaahaaa Thiss killed itt!!!!

*gets bricked HARD by* [info]ainto87 

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Mooooaaaaarrrrrr YOOOSUU!!~ ROFL

They talk about the swimsuits… gawd the YooSu-ness is killing meee~ I was already thinking “Junsu knows that much about Yoochun???? Lol at JJ dozing off.. he does that everytime xD JJ was probably:*~yunho~lalala~yunnie­-yah~~yunho~~lala~* kekekekekeke .. [info]ainto87 

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ALWAYS keep the FAITH ..


OMG... I cried… with the thought “I want to see them smiling again. All together on one stage. I want to feel their warmth again.” I was missing all these since the lawsuit came out... [info]ainto87 

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